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When looking for a Realtor® to represent you, itʼs important to keep certain prerequisites in mind.

First, find an agent who has experience with the type of property your are looking to buy or sell. Someone who is used to dealing with suburban and rural properties is probably not the best person to help you find a waterfront property near the city.

Secondly, make certain that the Realtor® is familiar with the community of interest. Will there be a lot of construction happening in the area? Are there any trends in the neighborhood that will be affecting market value? Are there schools nearby? Where is the cultural hub for the area? Look for a Realtor® who is diligent and will communicate regularly. They should be able to discuss listings and their strategy when it comes to target buyers as well as communicating openly and honestly with you while keeping your financial boundaries and goals in mind.

Ask friends, colleagues and family members who have recently purchased and/or sold a home for a referral to a Realtor® who provided them with a good experience. Sometimes, they can help you cut to the chase and avoid wasting time with an agent who isnʼt a good fit for your needs. Create your own list of prerequisites and questions to make the selection process easier for you.  Make the experience a good one for you.

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